Scott Technicalities - Disclaimer

This web site is a tribute to all the previous Scott owners who have given freely of their hard won experiences of the trials and tribulations of owning and running Scott motorcycles when little information was available to them. They could not have imagined that this resource would still be so sought after and through the medium of the internet made so widely available to the present day Scott owner worldwide.

The original source for this site was Bill Jamieson the original compiler of Scott Technicalities painstakingly compiled the many technical articles he had collected over the years on Scott from "Yowl", the club magazine of the Scott Owners Club, he did not verify any of the content and I urge you to read his introduction for further clarification.

Since Bill Jamiesons original effort Steven Enticott has been collecting information from the Scott Enewsletter and the Scott forum hosted by the which can be accessed by all without the need of becoming a member. However if you are inspired to continue in the Scott tradition the Scott Owners Club, formed by these pioneers in 1958, would welcome you. It is important that we all continue to help other current and future owners to enable them get the best from their Scott. We are after all just custodians of these unique machines.Information and membership application for the Club can be found on their web site:

We can not be held responsible for any loss or damage incurred whilst carrying out suggested procedures or tips of any kind from the information contained on this site. In fact Steven Enticott is an accountant, what technical knowledge would he posses of any value? Other than the ability to scan the information and put it up this web site suprisingly little.

So it is up to you the reader to decide if the information is valid, suitable or correct as you read it. Seriously, we have done our best to help others out freely, you should strongly consider anything written on the "Technicalities" site and you should test carefully anything offered, even assuming it incorrect till you validate it, and then always get a second opinion.

By clicking accept, you accept the above statement. If you do not, simply click decline, it will take you back to the home page where you end this session or send an email to Steven Enticott for clarification of the statement.

P.S. If you have any technical information you want to send please do as I would love to have and pass onto others through this site. The Scott community is a welcoming group, no better welcome than to freely offer a new enthusiast technical information to get them started on that basket case they have just found clearing out grandpa's old shed.